WearEver 10pc Pure Living Ceramic Cookware- The Good, The Bad, and Bialetti Aeternum

WearEver 10pc Pure Living Ceramic Cookware- The Good, The Bad, and vs Bialetti Aeternum

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Nonstick cookware is a popular choice for home cooks because it allows for easy cleanup. Unfortunately, not all nonstick cookware are safe. For example, Teflon-coated pans are known to contain chemicals that can harm us and our pets.

One of the safer options for nonstick cooking is ceramic cookware. And, when it comes to ceramic cookware, the WearEver 10 piece Pure Living Ceramic Cookware is extremely popular.

So just how is the quality of the WearEver Ceramic Cookware, and how does it compare to another popular choice, the Bialetti Aeternum Ceramic Cookware? In this comprehensive review, I’ll answer all of these questions so you can decide for yourself which of the two cookware sets – if any – is worth buying.

WearEver Pure Living 10-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set Overview

What’s Included?

  • 5-quart dutch oven with lid – 9.5” x 4.5”
  • 3.5-quart skillet with lid – 10.5” x 2.58”
  • 3-quart saucepan with lid – 8” x 3.75”
  • 8-inch frying pan – 6” x 1.5”
  • 10.5-inch frying pan – 10.5” x 1.75”
  • nylon spoon
  • slotted turner
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Available for around the same price as the Bialetti Aeternum set, the WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cookware is one of the most popular ceramic cooking sets on Amazon. Aside from being available in two colors – red and gold, it can also be bought as a 15-piece set.

The pots and pans are nonstick, so you can cook meals with less oil. But, unlike Teflon cookware, it doesn’t use chemicals such as PTFE and PFOA, which come with a lot of health risks, to keep the food from sticking. Instead, the ceramic coating is mineral-based. It doesn’t contain lead or cadmium either.

The nonstick coating lasts longer than Teflon and even other ceramic cookware. But, this is only possible if you do as the instructions say. You need to season the pots and pans every now and then. Most of the people complaining about the nonstick property only lasting a few months fail to follow this important instruction.

What I Liked About the WearEver Ceramic Set

Let’s start with what I liked about the WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cookware Set:

  • Safe – I’ve mentioned above that this set is free from PTFE, PFOA, cadmium, and lead. This is important since not all ceramic cookware clearly state that they do not contain these harmful chemicals. There are also some that do not contain PFOA but have PTFE.
  • Nonstick – The Wearever Ceramic Set is nonstick. It can even pass the fried egg test as you can see from the video below. Video
  • Inert – The pots and pans are nonreactive, so you can cook acidic foods in this set without worrying about a change in taste.
  • Easy to clean – Since food doesn’t stick, it cleans up easily even if you wash it by hand. Dishwashing is not recommended to protect the ceramic coating.
  • Sturdy – The pots and pans are solid but not heavy. The weight of the 10-piece set comes at 14 pounds.
  • Oven-friendly – This ceramic set is oven-safe, but only up to 350°F because of the silicone handles. To give you an idea, you can bake cakes and cook steaks at this temperature.
  • Lids – Aside from being interchangeable, the lids are vented, so that they don’t rattle when you’re cooking. It prevents your food from boiling over and gives more visibility as well.  
  • Handles – The handles stay cool if you’re cooking on your cooktop, and are thick enough to allow for a good grip. But, they get hot if you use them in the oven.
  • Compatible with glass cooktop – Since the pots and pans are not too heavy, you can use them on your glass cooktop. Just remember to lift the cookware, instead of drag, to prevent scratches.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – The WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Set is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Stain-resistant – The ceramic coating is resistant to staining. This means that you can cook tomato-based dishes without any issues.
  • Eco-friendly – Since the ceramic coating of the WearEver is derived from silica (not to be confused with silicone), it is natural and eco-friendly.

What I didn’t Like So Much

Though the WearEver Ceramic Set comes with a lot of benefits, it has some drawbacks too as I see it.

  • Misleading – The bottom of the pans are stamped with “Engineered in USA.” However, they are actually made in China.
  • Delicate coating – The ceramic coating is fragile and prone to chipping.
  • Not induction compatible – The pots and pans do not have magnetic bottoms, so they won’t work with induction cooktops.
  • Not suitable for high-heat cooking – When cooking with ceramic cookware, it’s best to use low to medium heat to prolong the lifespan of the coating.

WearEver Pure Living vs Bialetti Aeternum Ceramic Cookware

Now that we’ve established that the WearEver has a lot to offer, let’s check out how it compares to another popular ceramic cookware set, the Bialetti Aeternum 10-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set. Here are some points worth noting.

WearEver Pure Living vs Bialetti Aeternum Ceramic Cookware
  • Warranty – The Bialetti only has a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects while the WearEver has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Price – At the time of writing, the Wearever is slightly cheaper than the Bialetti.
  • Oven Safe – The Bialetti has a higher maximum oven temperature at 400°F compared to the WearEver’s 350°F.
  • Place of production – Both sets are manufactured in China.
  • Cooktop compatibility – The Bialetti and WearEver are both not induction-compatible.
  • Nonstick durability – There are a lot of complaints about the Bialetti being nonstick for only a couple of months. The difference probably lies in the seasoning which WearEver instructs its buyers to do.
  • Pieces – The Bialetti has more cookware in their 10-piece set because 2 of the pieces in the WearEver are kitchen utensils. The Bialetti Aeternum 10-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set includes an 8″ & 10.25″ saute pans, 2-qt & 2.5-qt saucepans with lids, 5-qt Dutch oven, and an 11″ deep saute with lid.

Ceramic Cookware FAQ

Is the WearEver Ceramic Cookware Set nonstick?

The WearEver has an excellent nonstick property that works even better if you add a little bit of oil and properly control the temperature when cooking.

Is the WearEver Ceramic Cookware Set safe?

Yes, the WearEver is safe since it doesn’t contain PTFE and PFOA. It’s also safe for pet birds because it doesn’t release toxic fumes even if you accidentally overheat your pan. It should be noted, though, that not all ceramic cookware are PTFE-free.

It’s lead and cadmium-free as well, so these chemicals won’t leach into your food.

Note that like most ceramic cookware, the WearEver set’s core is made of aluminum. This means that in the event of a cracked ceramic pan or pot, the aluminum core may be exposed. The good news is, the aluminum that we get from our cookware and other sources is generally not significant enough to cause harm. Most of the aluminum that we consume does not get absorbed by our body. The little amount that does get absorbed is excreted in the urine.

Of course, it’s best to be on the safe side. This means that you should dispose of ceramic cookware with a damaged coating to prevent aluminum leaching.

Is the WearEver Ceramic Cookware Set dishwasher-safe?

Though the company claims that their ceramic pots and pans are dishwasher-safe, I advise that you handwash it instead. The finish on the bottom of the cookware can corrode if placed in the dishwasher. Not to mention that the harsh detergent can shorten the lifespan of the ceramic coating.

The good news is that the lids are dishwasher-safe. Unlike other poorly made lids, water doesn’t get trapped in the handle of the lids even if you wash them in the dishwasher.

Do I need to season my WearEver Ceramic Cookware Set?

Yes, the WearEver Ceramic Cookware Set needs to be seasoned especially the first time that you use it. Here’s how you can do it according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

  • Heat your cookware over low heat for about 30 seconds.
  • Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil, wiping any excess with a paper towel.
  • Place on high heat for 3 minutes.

Can ceramic cookware be used for high-heat cooking?

Ceramic cookware is not suitable for cooking on high heat because it shortens the lifespan of the coating. There are better options that you can go to for high-heat cooking.

Though you’re limited to cooking using low and medium heat, you’ll still be able to cook quickly since the aluminum base is a good conductor of heat.

How do I make my WearEver Ceramic Cookware Set last longer?

Here are some tips that you can follow to make the nonstick property of your WearEver cookware last longer:

  • If you’re going to stack your ceramic cookware for storing, put a cookware protector in between each item to prevent scratching. If you do not have a cookware protector, some clean towers would work too.
  • Do not soak your pan in water if it’s still hot. It might warp or the ceramic coating might break.
  • To avoid thermal shock, preheat your oven and ceramic cookware at the same time. But, make sure that the pot isn’t empty, or the ceramic coating might break.
  • Never use metal kitchen utensils with your ceramic cookware since these can scratch the coating. Wooden or silicone kitchen utensils are much better options.
  • Prevent banging your ceramic cookware as much as possible to prevent chipping.

How do I remove burned food from my ceramic cookware?

Normally, leaving the pan to soak overnight does the trick. But, if the burned part won’t budge, try doing the following steps:

  • Using your stained ceramic cookware, simmer some water over medium heat.
  • Add some baking soda.
  • Use a wooden or silicone kitchen utensil to gently scrape off the burned food.
  • Rinse with warm water and let the pan cool down.

My ceramic cookware has a stain. What should I do?

The WearEver is stain-resistant. But, if it still stained, try following the video below:

  • Dampen the stained pan with some water.
  • Apply a paste made of 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water to the problem area.
  • Gently scrub the paste to the stained part using a soft cloth.
  • You can also add some coarse salt to the paste if the stain isn’t coming off.
  • Wash with some soapy water.

You can also apply this baking soda paste to the bottom of your pan to get rid of any buildup. If you need something stronger, just add some lemon to the paste.

Should You Buy the WearEver Ceramic Cookware Set?

In my opinion, the WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cookware is the winner by a hair against the Bialetti Aeternum. While both sets are PTFE and PFOA free, the former’s non stick surface simply is better, and lasts a lot longer. That should be a key consideration for anyone shopping for ceramic cookware. Throw in the lifetime warranty that WearEver offers versus just 5 years for the Bialetti Aeternum set, and the decision should be clear.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for ceramic cookware that you can depend on, you won’t go wrong with the WearEver Pure Living 10-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set.

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