About Me

I’m an aspiring chef and editor in chief of Slice of Kitchen. Ever since I was a kid, I loved watching and helping my mom out in the kitchen as she cooked. My mom was a master chef and baker, making everything from traditional Asian cuisine like Ma Po Tofu, dumplings, Hainanese Chicken, to Western delights such as ice cream and donuts look easy.

Growing up in a home that was always cooking, that has left an indelible mark in my fondness for cooking- and eating. When I’m not coding, I’m in the kitchen trying out new recipes and hosting pot lucks with friends to try out one another’s creations.

SliceofKitchen is my personal blog on cooking. It focuses on the topics I’m most interested at the moment, which is healthy and DIY cooking; I’m having a blast grinding my own chuck, slicing my own cuts of meat for hot pot, and experimenting with different types of healthy cookware. This blog is about that journey and the tips I’m learning along the way.

G Chang (george at sliceofkitchen.com)